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NYC Department of Education York one of the biggest education department of America. Here we are sharing some useful information of New York City Department of Education 2021 as you can get more info from NYC DOE Payroll Portal too, Lets read hoping it will be useful for you..

After pushing the reopening date 2 times, the NYC education department finally reopened the schools in this first week. Does it involve a lot of risk: yes, is it necessary: maybe.

Being the epicenter of the pandemic, and among the 10 largest school districts, there is no right answer to whether or not open schools.

nyc department of education


4,500 new teachers

Well, now we won’t have to worry about the “4,500 new teachers” because the Mayor and the department of education have come with a complicated solution to the situation, even more complicated than algebra is. Let me just explain it to you guys in simple words. So, the department of education has decided to divide classes and create a half day timetable.

It would’ve been good if they would’ve stopped right there. Well guess what, they didn’t. Students would not go to school every day, there were remote days, where the kid has to stay home. Now you may ask, what the heck should my child do on remote days?

It would’ve still been a little better if they followed what they said. Most of the parents of students in NYC have complained towards no regular remote classes. So, here’s another medal to de Blasio and School Chancellor Richard Carranza.

After making a complete joke out of the education system, de Blasio said “We did something that other cities around this country could only dream of, because we have fought back this pandemic so well for so long”. Who else to learn bragging from than de Blasio.

But there’s a little bit of truth in the sentence though, yes, they did something that other cities in the country couldn’t do. That is to create the world’s most complex schooling system.

I personally think it would have been way better if in-person schools never opened, if they were gonna do it this way.

Yes, education is important, especially in one among the 10 largest school districts where around 1.1 million students attend school. It’s pleasantly surprising to see a significantly big American city to reopen schools.

But instead of making a huge mess out of it, it will be way better to reopen in-person schools the way they used to be and the way they should be.

It’s just safer if the kid is in school for 5 days of the week, than being in school for 2-3 days and spending the rest of them going on play dates. Yes, NYC has done a great job reopening in-person schools safely, but now it’s time to do it the right way.

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